How to take care newborn babies from Covid-19?

April 26, 2021

Everyone in this pandemic situation is aware of the overall importance of improving their health and protecting themselves from the dangerous Corona virus. As a pregnant woman or a new mom, you have to take care of your baby’s and your health as per guidelines from your doctor. This is because pregnant women and newborns face higher risks of Covid-19 than others. The new corona virus infection in newborn is related to a 3-fold risk of medical complications. Some of the main problems faced by pregnant women who are prone to this virus are high blood pressure with organ failure, premature birth, and need for the intensive care.

Be healthy at all times

Any woman with Covid-19 during her pregnancy period is over 50% more likely to get pregnancy complications when compared to women unaffected by this virus. Pregnant women are advised to get the Covid-19 vaccine without delay and begin a step to ensure the overall health in good condition. The delivery by caesarean section in pregnant women with Covid-19 is associated with the maximum risk of virus infection in newborns. However, women who breastfeed their newborn do not heighten risks of their newborn contracting the virus from them.

Make certain your health

The latest researches about whether the Covid-19 virus affects the placental tissue in the infected pregnant women attract almost everyone who likes to take care of their newborn. These researches reveal that the virus in such place is rare. This is because the placenta in infected pregnant women has the maximum level of immune system activity. Though the good activity of the immune system is safe for pregnant women, this high activity during the pregnancy may lead to other harmful effects on the pregnancy. Pregnant women with Covid-19 health problem mostly need the ICU care and ventilation and they are prone to preeclampsia and preterm birth.